Chai Latte - Vegan Creamer

Love a good chai? But not the sugar load from the coffee house or the “naturally flavored” overly sweet tea bags found at the big box…same here. And, after a love/hate relationship with coffee ended, (I love coffee, my body doesn’t love it so much) I was looking for a healthy, yet better-be-tasty alternative. After a couple years of tinkering…a slow cook chai blend with an immune building twist was born!


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This full-leaf tea blend stands alone with a subtly sweet, rich, & warming flavor. Although, if you prefer the creaminess & mouth feel a latte offers like I do, you can easily achieve a more sophisticated chai drink with only a few more ingredients & just minutes of your time.

First things first, follow Slow Cook Chai package brewing instructions. Time saving tip: batch prep 4+ servings and store in mason jar refrigerated for up to 5 days.

Next, prepare below creamer. I usually make 2x’s the below recipe to last through the week…

Vegan Creamer

1 can full fat coconut milk (Thai is my favorite)

1/3 cup grade B maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

Whisk ingredients working to incorporate coconut cream clumps. Refrigerate in a pour-friendly container. If available, add creamer to frother machine before adding desired amount to your slow cook chai.

I enjoy the flavor of approx 2oz creamer added to 10oz chai tea, although you might play with the creamer amount to taste.

I hope you love this super nourishing + immune building chai as much as I do!

Counting the Ways to Incorporate Elderberry

Counting the Ways to Incorporate Elderberry

As fall-like weather rolls in, cold and flu season is close behind, an ideal time to make sure Elderberry is part of your immune support arsenal! If you are looking for unique ways to incorporate Elderberry, this list is for you. There are so many ways to get the purple goodness in - simply add suggested serving size of Elderberry to the ideas below:

Strong & Healthy Skin :: Fat as Skin Food

Strong & Healthy Skin :: Fat as Skin Food

Do you know if your skin is getting all the yummy fatty acids it needs to stay healthy and glowing? See, oils provide our skin much needed fats, each unique in composition. Our body doesn’t produce some of these fats, therefore are considered “essential” to intake through our diet and skin care. Linoleic, gamma linoleic, and oleic are all EFA (essential fatty acids) and are present in different amounts depending on the source. You can eat your EFA’s in the form of fats AND you can put them directly on your skin for lovely benefits!

Elderberry Goodness

Elderberry Goodness

It has been a real pleasure to share information on the almighty elderberry these past couple years through private classes and workshops. I love the preparation that goes into these workshops and really geek-out on all the research. It is so fun to learn all the reasons the elderberry has been used in traditional herbalism long before the double-blind placebo studies showed us scientific proof.