Counting the Ways to Incorporate Elderberry

As fall-like weather rolls in, cold and flu season is close behind, an ideal time to make sure Elderberry is part of your immune support arsenal! If you are looking for unique ways to incorporate Elderberry, this list is for you. There are so many ways to get the purple goodness in - simply add suggested serving size of Elderberry to the ideas below:


  • Dilute Elderberry into water & serve in sippy cup.

  • Tummy troubles? Freeze Elderberry in ice cube trays with a bit of coconut water & pineapple juice for an immune boosting, electrolyte replenishing tummy soother.

  • Elderberry gummies - check out the Dishing For Real recipe.

  • Elderberry smoothie - Our favorite is Elderberry, handfuls of sunflower sprouts, combo of coconut milk & milk kefir with a couple cups frozen mango/strawberry/banana.

  • Freeze smoothie into popsicle molds - great for summertime snack.


  • My wintertime favorite is incorporating it into a warming “tea” drink; simply mix Elderberry with your favorite tea blend (chai pairs well!) or hot water/lemon/honey. 

  • A refreshing “soda pop” beverage; mix Elderberry with sparkling water, liquid stevia and serve over ice. (Makes a lovely adult beverage with gluten free vodka)

Food Add-ins

  • Add Elderberry to any simple DIY salad dressing recipe.

  • Mix Elderberry into final step of DIY berry compote (recipe below).

  • A fizzy treat; add Elderberry as the second ferment flavoring for kombucha or water kefir (2-4 Tbsp Elderberry per 16 oz ferment).


Very Berry Compote

1/4 cup Raw Honey 🍯
1/4 cup Blackberrys (or another berry you have on hand)
2 tsp Elderberry

Heat above ingredients over medium low for about 5 minutes until the juice comes out of berries, stir in Elderberry and gently push on blackberries to release more juice. Pull off stove, strain off seeds if desired, and top waffle or pancake. My kiddos love it - I hope your do as well!