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Do you take bottles back to reuse?

It is so thoughtful to hear the offers to recycle the Elderberry bottles back to us! I really wish we could. At this point we don't have the means to clean and safely reuse the bottles. Although, they work great for re-purposing to store salad dressing and sauces. :)

How long is the bottle “fresh” if kept refrigerated?

The Elderberry will stay fresh in the refrigerator for approx 90 days from date opened. If you will not finish the bottle before that period of time, you could pour serving size amounts in ice cube trays and freeze to extend the shelf life.

Is Elderberry safe for my little one?

Elderberry is safe for littles, although Mindfully Made Elderberry does have raw honey, so would not be recommended under 1. If mama is breastfeeding, the benefits of Elderberry will pass through mother's milk without the risk of botulism.

Is it safe to take Elderberry while pregnant?

There isn't evidence of specific contraindications for taking Elderberry while pregnant. Although, clinical pharmacology (and subsequent lists around the web) state Elderberry as possibly unsafe for pregnant or lactating women because (like many botanicals) there is lack of research and insufficient evidence of safety, that is where the exercise of caution comes in. Looking back on the history of use, elderberry has consumed safely in the diet of many cultures for a super long time (and traditionally used to increase milk supply in nursing mamas). All that to say, ultimately it is up to the mama and what she feels is best and meets her comfort level. To be conservative, it can be taken only while symptomatic during pregnancy.

How does the ‘Subscribe & Save’ option work?

Save 5% by receiving elderberry on your doorstep every month or two! Your account will be created during the check out process & your subscription will renew automatically at the frequency you select. You will have access to view and manage your subscriptions anytime. Manage your subscription & shipping information by signing into your account, "sign-in" from the navigation menu.

What amount of Elderberry do I take & how often?

Elderberry can be taken throughout cold and flu season to up-regulate the immune system. It is also great if symptoms arise. There is a significant amount of fresh pressed elderberry in each teaspoon; 3100mg. As a preventative, adults take 1 - 2 tsp daily and little's (1 - 12 years old) take 1/2 - 1 tsp daily. At symptom onset or known exposure, take the same small amount with increased frequently of every 2-4 hours, up to 6x's daily.

How many servings are there per bottle?

Each bottle has 81 x 1 teaspoon servings.

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