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Mindfully Made’s Elderberry preparation is the perfect drink to keep your family healthy! Unlike the typical heavy tasting store bought syrups that can be difficult to stomach, our elderberry product is lightly sweet with a hint of citrus to attract the kids with undertones of warm spices adults enjoy!

Mindfully Made’s Elderberry is small batch made throughout the cold and flu season to ensure maximum freshness. Each 13.5 fl oz bottle contains:

  • 40.5 adult servings; each adult serving contains over 5,500mg of pure elderberry!

  • Only 1 gram of sugar per adult serving

  • FRESH pressed, local, American elderberries

  • Recyclable Glass Packaging

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What is Elderberry?

If you are not familiar with elderberry – this berry truly is nature’s medicinal superstar! The elderberry has strong antiviral properties known to fight respiratory infection and flu; upregulating immune function and preventing viral replication when taken at symptom onset – amazing what a treasure nature has provided us! Some of the amazing benefits of the elderberry:

  • Increase Cytokine Production which Upregulates Immune Function to Combat Respiratory Infection

  • Antivirin Agent Prevents Viral Replication

  • Isoquercetin Encourages Allergy Relief

  • Rutin Provides Cardio Protective Properties

  • High Levels of Anti-inflammatory Anthocyanidins which Reduce Oxidation of the Cells

Local Ingredients

Our Elderberry uses only the highest quality, LOCAL ingredients. The elderberries are grown here in the greater Kansas City area, harvested at maximum ripeness, and haven’t been treated with pesticides or grown with fertilizers. We also use the highest quality raw, local honey from over 400 hives throughout the Kansas City area!

Ingredients: Local and Unsprayed Elderberry, Reverse Osmosis Water, Local and Raw Honey, *Lemon Juice, *Acacia, *Ginger Root, *Clove, *Cinnamon (*Certified Organic)

Please Note

Herbs can strongly effect the body and some can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. Elderberry preparations should not be combined with diuretics, laxatives and may interact with some autoimmune conditions and chemotherapy medications. If you have an existing health condition talk with your health care provider before use.

Product Reviews

"The kids and I love the syrup! My husband had the flu and we managed to keep from getting it! Yay!"

"This stuff is AMAZING. It’s so delicious. My 2 year old wanted more than her daily dose!"

"We LOVE the elderberry juice…especially my 5-year-old!"

"This stuff is seriously the best! I’m a teacher and this year was the first time I wasn’t sick over winter break. I swear it was all thanks to the Elderberry Juice. I didn’t have any in January or February and I got 2 gross colds. I swear it was related to not taking any."