Natural Neo

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Natural Neo


Natural Neo is a must-have for every mindful mama’s purse and diaper bag! This skin nourishing salve is truly mother nature’s Neosporin. Six skin healing herbs are infused in first press olive oil for six weeks. This slow, cold infusion process ensures all the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and rapid cell-regenerating properties from the herbs are not damaged by heat. One 2 oz. tin lasts the typical family six months!

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Local Ingredients

Ingredients: *First Press Olive Oil, *Calendula Flowers, *Comfrey Leaf & Root, *Plantain Leaf, *Rosemary Leaf, *St. John’s Wort, *Yarrow Leaf and Flower, Beeswax, Vitamin E, *Lavender Essential Oil (*Certified Organic)

Use Natural Neo externally on most skin issues, including:

  • Surface abrasions (cuts, scrapes)

  • Diaper or other skin rashes (compatible with all diapers, including cloth)

  • Cold sores

  • Mild burns

  • External hemorrhoids

  • Dry, red, irritated skin (think runny noses!)

  • Insect bites

Shipping and Local Pick-up

Shipping: All US orders ship out via USPS First Class Mail within 48 hours at cost based on weight and location. Upgrades and international custom shipping is available as requested.

Local Pickup: After purchasing online, simply email your name and “local pick-up”. The exact address details will be sent via email and pick-up in the Overland Park area will be available at your convenience.

Please Note

Due to the heat sensitive nature of this product, this product could melt in transit during warmer months or when shipping to warm climates.

Cautions: For external use only. Do not use on puncture wounds.

Product Reviews

“Your Natural Neo salve is truly amazing! I used it on a small cut I had on my thumb that just wasn’t healing one night before I went to bed and when I woke up all the redness was gone and it was 90% healed! My oldest daughter had a scrape on her face, hours after using it, she came to me amazed how fast it healed with your salve! You are really on to something here!” – Jamie B.

“This Natural Neo handmade salve is and has been for 2-1/2 years my all in one “go to” diaper salve. I was in hysterics when my second child was 4-weeks old and had horrible diaper rash commercial rash treatments didn’t touch (and often made the problem worse). I even had to make my own wipe solution and tried various diapers for sensitive bottoms. Hours after I had called Carol she had put together a batch just for us to try as a last resort. Lucky me it was the solution to our diaper rash nightmare! It has since cured various other diaper rashes. (If it is a yeast rash, small bumps that looked like baby acne, and the rash didn’t improve or go away in 1-2 days I knew it was time for Monistat. The salve literally took care of everything else). For the “slap rash” or “sunburn like” rash that is often caused when the urine is acidic resulting in a mild burn, Natural Neo really works like magic! I often saw this after too many fruits; rare occasions when the girls had juice with ascorbic acid, and reactions from food allergies. My girls are now 2 and 4 and regularly ask “mommy-my bottoms hurts, need salve on it”! Now it’s the staple baby shower gift I give to all my expecting mom friends!” – Mandy V.

“Natural Neo is awesome! I have used this on a cold sore that was starting to form and it healed it before the sore could fully develop! I have also used this on multiple rashes all with excellent results. Natural Neo is very effective and I love that it is safe to use. Thanks for an awesome product!” – Angela K.

“I have to share that I used your product on a cold sore on my lower lip and for my daughter when she had raw skin under her nose from a cold that escalated to impetigo. Your salve is amazing! Not only did it speed up the healing but it was so soothing. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures and documenting the quick healing!” – Rachael B.

“Mindfully Made’s healing salve has been a lifesaver in our home! My daughter is teething and always gets a rash! They never last long thanks to you! Thanks for sharing your gifts!” – Dr. Suzanne A.

“I use Natural Neo for everything! From chapped hands and cheeks to red bum to little scrapes and bumps!” – Steph N.

“Love our Natural Neo! Our baby had a bit of a rash as a reaction to trying an egg yolk for the first time. A few applications and it all got cleared!” – Vera B.