Itch Away

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Itch Away


Itch Away is our family's go-to remedy for itch, irritation, sting & nerve pain. This concentrated balm works wonders for oak mite lesions, mosquito bites, chigger welts, poison oak/ivy rash, as well as the ending stage of shingles. No more annoying endless scratching at irritated skin leading to an infection! This handy balm will relieve itch, sooth bites, reduce inflammation, reduce scarring & calm skin irritation…all with plant-based ingredients.

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The pocket-size packaging will easily fit into your natural first aid kit & the flip-top glass roller ball releases only what is needed to spot treat your skin with over 200 applications per bottle!

In addition to topical application, simply flip the cap & inhale the aroma of this essential oil blend to help relax & calm the emotional state of the body.

This balm contains carefully selected essential oils & carriers that have well-known topical benefits including:

  • relieves pain (analgesic/anodyne)

  • relieves itch (antipruritic)

  • eliminates microorganism growth (antimicrobial/antibiotic)

  • reduces infection (antiseptic)

  • heals skin (vulnerary)

  • reduces nerve pain (anti-neuralgic)

  • provides protective covering to inflamed skin

For best results, apply roller ball directly to clean skin until the itch, irritation, sting, nerve pain subsides (10-15 seconds or so). Repeat as needed.

*This balm is intended as a spot treatment only & child-safe beyond 3 months of age for this purpose.

Caution: Do not use on open wound/skin abrasion. Do not apply to or near the face of infants or young children.

Note: Store balm at room temperature as tamanu oil may naturally separate or solidify with cooler temperatures.