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Body Serum

Our luxurious Body Serum will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and deeply moisturized while you radiate a natural and healthy glow! Five skin loving botanicals (calendula flowers, marshmallow root, chamomile flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers) are slow-infused into *unrefined grapeseed oil to create a light-weight, highly absorbent all over body serum.

*Grape seed oil is made up of 72% linoleic acid, one of the highest amounts found in any oil. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid (our body can not produce it on its own). It is composed of ceramides which make up about 50% of the outer layer of our skin! In the winter our ceramides decrease which can lead to itchy and dry skin. Hence, the reason this amazing oil is the base for our body serum skin treatment! Read all about the benefits of grapeseed oil here.

This serum has a light skin feel & dries quickly when blended into the skin, leaving your skin hydrated without looking oily.

For best results, massage small amount into damp skin after bath or shower. This serum makes a luxurious aftershave oil, relaxing after bath oil for littles, comforting massage oil, and moisturizing prenatal belly oil.

A small amount goes a long way! Each bottle comes with a controlled pump top to ensure only a very small amount is released.

This skin treatment is safe for pregnancy and children.


High quality, organic herbs are infused into cold pressed grape seed oil for four weeks. This slow, cold infusion process ensures getting the most out of every herb.

Grape seed oil* (Infused with *Calendula Flowers, *Marshmallow Root, *Chamomile Flowers, *Rose Petals, *Lavender Flowers), *Jojoba Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Vitamin E, and *Lavender Essential Oil (*Certified Organic)