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The Mindfully Made FOR You product line provides the highest quality products that are undoubtedly safe for you and your family. Our products are made from organic ingredients, locally sourced (whenever possible) from trusted suppliers. If in doubt, Mindfully Made leaves the ingredient out. Our families deserve pure, clean, and organic ingredients on their skin and in their environment, and Mindfully Made FOR You products meet this expectation.


Mindfully Made’s Elderberry Juice is the perfect drink to keep your family healthy! Our product is lightly sweet with a hint of citrus to attract the kids with undertones of warm spices adults enjoy. Our Elderberry Juice uses only the highest quality, LOCAL elderberries grown here in the greater Kansas City area. If you are not familiar with elderberry – this berry truly is nature’s medicinal superstar – a real cold and flu fighter! Elderberry enhances the immune system and has been shown to prevent infection when taken as a daily preventative and prevent viral replication when taken after symptoms present. Keep your refrigerator stocked with Mindfully Made's Elderberry Juice!

Price : $23.99

Natural Neo Salve

This skin nourishing salve is truly mother nature’s Neosporin. Six skin healing herbs are infused in first press olive oil for six weeks. This slow, cold infusion process ensures all the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and rapid cell-regenerating properties from the herbs are not damaged by heat. One 2 oz. tin lasts the typical family six months. Get one for the medicine cabinet and one for your travel kit today!

Price : $14.50

Tangerine Lip Balm

This uplifting citrus lip balm has a truly unique skin feel that applies smooth and leaves lips soft and silky with a natural glow. The light tangerine scent will calm and relax, and is known to positively affect mood. Try it once and you will be hooked!

Price : $4

First Touch Body Oil

First Touch is a highly absorbent oil that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth while you radiate a natural and healthy glow! This body oil is safe for the whole family, even the tiniest toes. I created this body oil as an after bath lotion substitute for my children. This oil is truly multipurpose, I use it as an aftershave oil for my legs, plus I love to use this oil on my arms and neck area to radiate a youthful glow. I love how the oil is light weight and it only takes a small amount each application – a very small amount goes a long way – one 4 oz. bottle lasts a family of 4 with little ones 4-6 months. The perfect baby lotion substitute - try one bottle and you won't go back to store bought lotions!

Price : $24

Insect Repellent

Looking for a safe, botanically active insect repellent that is safe for your family? Look no further, you found it! We use premium ingredients at safe usage levels to provide strong repelling action for you and yours! Our special blend of repelling essential oils and skin-loving carriers is safe and effective. Don't go without this amazing repellent this summer - check out more details on the product page!

Price : $15.50
Highest Quality Ingredients

Mindfully Made recognizes the power of botanicals and goes to great lengths to ensure they are used with caution and care in our products. Mindfully Made FOR You products have ingredients sourced as close to their natural state as possible and contain organic herbs, oils, butters, and essential oils.

Herbs – All Mindfully Made FOR You products use herbal infused oils and extracts as active ingredients. These herbal ingredients are extracted following slow traditional preparation techniques that maintain all the nourishing properties of the herbs. Certified organic, colorful, and fragrant herbs are sourced from the industry’s most trusted supplier, Mountain Rose Herbs.

Butters and Oils – Mindfully Made FOR You products use first-press oils that have never been bleached, deodorized, or extracted using chemical solvents.

Essential Oils – These powerful and effective plant essences are used with the utmost caution and safety in Mindfully Made FOR You products. Mindfully Made product formulas are within the safety recommendations given by aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand in his latest edition of “Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals.”

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